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EAI ADHIP 2020 will be held as a fully-fledged online conference.

Due to the safety concerns and travel restrictions caused by COVID-19, EAI ADHIP 2020 will take place online in a live stream.
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Nowadays, with the development of mobile technology, wireless information has occupied the most important position in all kinds of information. On the other hand, wireless information has its own salient features, which is more different from traditional information, such as over-commixing, large amounts, susceptibility and isomerism. However, current information processing methods are not so suitable to process information with these properties.

Therefore, it is the right time to research novel information processing methods to deal with huge mobile information. Today, there are more remaining issues are waiting for solving, such as preprocessing and systemization of big mobile data, objective tracking and behavior understanding in Internet of Things, restoration and enhancement of mobile information, et al. All these entire problems need our more attention to solve.

In this way, this conference aims to provide an opportunity for researchers to publish their gifted theoretical and technological studies of the advanced methods in mobile information processing, and their novel engineering applications within this domain.

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This year, the authors are invited to submit to one of the two parallel tracks. Both tracks are open for full submissions 10-20 pages, written according to the Springer format (see Author’s kit section).

Submit paper to main track

Main Track Topics:

Big data processing, which includes actions for hybrid Information

  • Computational Framework and Structure for Big Data
  • Computational Method for Big Data
  • Fog Computation
  • Parallel and Distributed Computing
  • Medical Big Data Analysis and Processing
  • Other interesting and promising domains

Real applications of aspects with big data, which include

  • Internet of Multimedia Things (IoMT)
  • Security and Privacy protection of IoMT
  • Behavior Understanding and Object Tracking in Big Multimedia Data
  • Network Traffic Analysis and Measurement
  • Big Image Data Processing
  • Other interesting and promising domain

Huge Signal Data Processing, which include

  • Wireless Communication for Big Data
  • Wireless Networks for Big Data
  • Information Theory and Coding in Big Data Application
  • Big Radar Signal Data processing
  • Big Audio and Acoustic Signal Data Processing
  • Industry Technology Tracks
  • Sensor Array and Multichannel Signal Processing
  • Big Data Processing in Satellite and Space Communications

Keywords: Mobile Information; Big Data; Internet of Things; Wireless Signal; Mobile Application; Deep Learning; Physical Layer Wireless Communicating; Computer Version, Artificial Intelligence; Compressive Sensing

Submit paper to civil aviation Track

Civil Aviation Track Topics:

Computer vision and its applications in aviation

  • Flight vehicle attitude detection based on computer vision
  • Flight vehicle navigation based on computer vision
  • Flight attitude estimation method based on computer vision
  • Target tracking method based on aerial image
  • Aircraft parts detection based on computer vision
  • Other technologies related to computer vision and its applications in aviation

Deep learning for aviation based information processing

  • Aviation industry big data processing based on deep learning
  • Fault diagnosis method for flight vehicle based on deep learning
  • Aviation image processing based on deep learning
  • Other technologies related to deep learning for aviation based information processing

Radar signal processing in aviation

  • Radar data calibration and accuracy improvement
  • Radar image filtering and target enhancement
  • Radar target scattering modeling and interpretation
  • Radar target detection, classification and recognition
  • Other technologies related to radar information processing

Wireless communications in aviation

  • Coding and decoding mode of wireless communications in aviation
  • Anti interference technology of wireless communications in aviation
  • Frequency information processing of wireless communications in aviation
  • High speed wireless communication technology in aviation
  • Other technologies related to wireless communications in aviation

Information system in aviation

  • Aviation safety information system
  • Aviation maintenance information system
  • Flight map information system
  • Aviation meteorology information system
  • Intelligent airport information system
  • Other Information system in aviation

Aviation based remote sensing

  • Real time processing of aerial remote sensing data
  • Data fusion of aerial remote sensing
  • Correction and compensation of airborne remote sensing data
  • Reliable transmission technology of aerial remote sensing data
  • Other technologies related to aviation based remote sensing

Aviation based environmental monitoring

  • Environmental monitoring of aircraft cabin
  • Environment unmanned monitoring of celestial body
  • Environmental monitoring based on flight vehicle
  • Other technologies related to aviation based environmental monitoring


All registered papers will be submitted for publishing by Springer and made available through SpringerLink Digital Library.

EAI ADHIP proceedings have been indexed in the leading services, including Ei Compendex, ISI Web of Science, Scopus, CrossRef, Google Scholar, DBLP, as well as EAI’s own EU Digital Library (EUDL).

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Paper submission

Papers should be submitted through EAI ‘Confy+‘ system, and have to comply with the Springer format (see Author’s kit section).

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